Non-Surgical Management

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Periodontal Scaling & Root Planing
(In office)

The objective of scaling & root planning is to remove etiologic agents which cause inflammation to the gingival (gum) tissue and surrounding bone. Common etiologic agents removed by this conventional periodontal therapy include dental plaque and tartar (calculus).

These non-surgical procedures which completely cleanse the periodontium, work very effectively for individuals suffering from gingivitis (mild gum inflammation) and moderate/severe periodontal disease.


Pocket irrigation & Antibiotics

Pocket irrigation aims to cleanse plaque from interdental (between teeth and subgingival (below gum line) preventing colonization of harmful bacteria. The same procedure can be used to deliver antibiotics. The pressure allows it to reach deeper areas with different tips.

Pocket irrigators blast a pulsating steam of water with or without antimicrobials and help removing debris rendering gum healthy.

When a toothbrush or other aids may not be able to reach deeper unreachable areas water Jets can flush out bacteria and debris. Thus helping maintain clean oral cavity and reduce Halitosis.

Helps Interdental cleaning; Halitosis prevention; subgingival cleaning; antimicrobial application. This can be performed professionally or at home with water Jet or water pick. (Warning: This does not substitute toothbrushing or professional cleaning)


In Office Cleaning

Deep Cleaning